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AML Software as a Service solution
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Money laundering is a huge worldwide problem.

Money Laundering has been around for almost a century and has increased dramatically. Not only at the top of the iceberg, also in our ‘normal life’. And that is an ever-increasing worldwide problem. For all of us.
Money laundring and AML
AML software for financial institutions

Financial service providers: appointed gatekeepers

The integrity of the financial system is a hot topic. Financial institutions are operating in the market which is under intense pressure to reform. An ever increasing list of regulations giving rule and/or risk based guidance on how financial institutions should operate increasing the pressure on compliance and operational departments, stretching these already busy teams even further.

We meet the great need to comply with all AML core values.

We offer our customers state of the art SAAS solutions, including automation and machine learning to fully, simply, demonstrably comply with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (Wwft). And we give them a license to operate in order to do their work efficiently (in cost and time) and effectively (in thoroughness).
AML solutions

Our solutions.

AML SaaS solutions


Grub is the only Wwft solution for accountants, administration and tax offices, with which you simply, completely and demonstrably comply with ALL Wwft guidelines. This makes your office optimally BFT-proof. More, better and easier than with any other solution.

CW360 laptop


Our premium SAAS solution, including Transaction Monitoring and Know Your Clients (KYC), for banks and Financial Institutions. Thanks to automation and machine-learning, boards will regain full control of AML procedures, while significantly reducing compliance costs. CW360 is not only (cost) efficient and highly effective, it also provides a more resilient business, because the chance of (personal) fines and penalties is diminished.

Good to know:

All our solutions will really unburden you. How?

AML compliant

Not half, but
fully compliant

Most solutions only partly comply with the AML guidelines, giving you false security.

AML data automation

Easy to meet
all obligations

Thanks to actual data, automation, machine learning, continuous monitoring and alerts.

Simple AML compliant

Instantly demonstrable
to the supervisor

All required and up-to-date information available at the touch of a button.

Fit for the future.

With our solutions you're always fit for the future, even when new laws, regulations and legislative changes are introduced. Now that's the advantage of Software as a Service, or in our case: Software as a relief.
AML Software as a Service solution

Software as a relief