With Grub, you choose for the only complete AML software.

Grub is the only AML software for accountants, administration and tax offices, with which you simply, completely and demonstrably comply with all AML guidelines. This makes your office optimally compliant. 

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A bit compliant does not exist: you are compliant or you are not.

We started Grub because we saw that there was no AML solution with which you could really be 100% compliant. That is why we wanted to make the most complete (and user-friendly) solution, based on the idea: you can never be a bit compliant. The regulator also agrees: you are compliant or you are not.

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We don't just say it ourselves: "Grub best buy."

Full Finance conducted a large-scale research into the various Wwft compliance solutions and which provider can help you best. Their conclusion: “Grub is the most complete ” and “Grub is the best buy.” 

There is no simpler application that makes you AML compliant.

  • Risk policy with procedures

    With Grub you no longer have to draw up a risk policy with work procedures yourself. Grub is the only application where a risk policy translates into procedures. This ensures that you are checking the correct Wwft risks.

  • Client acceptance in 180 seconds

    The client acceptance in Grub takes 180 seconds. It is the only application that gives you a direct and automatic view of the UBO structure and directly checks for PEP and sanction hits. You work with data that are approved by the regulator.

  • Automatic risk profiles per client

    You conduct a client due diligence and a risk profile is automatically drawn up. Thanks to our smart software (Grub is the only application that has this) you always get a detailed suggestion of the risk.

  • Continuous monitoring

    Also unique: Grub enables continuous monitoring of AML risks. You will automatically receive notifications of changes in the Chamber of Commerce register. So you are always up to date, there are no surprises when the audit comes along.

  • Transaction Monitoring

    With the transaction monitoring step-by-step plan you recognize unusual transactions and report them correctly to the regulator.

  • Permanent education

    After implementing Grub, we won't let you down with just a toolbox. With the Grub Academy, we not only assist you with training materials, webinars, knowledge articles, but also with 1-on-1 guidance. Service is an important pillar of Grub.

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All your compliance decisions are demonstrably recorded.

The regulator wants you to be demonstrably compliant with the AML. With Grub you record all your objective and subjective AML decisions per client. And because your client information is always up to date, you can be sure that you always have everything demonstrably in order. That gives peace of mind.

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Experience how you create a client file with just a few clicks, how you immediately get an automatic visualization of the UBO structure (including country and industry risks), how you automatically check for PEPs and sanctions, and how to easily draw up a risk profile (in accordance with the BFT standards).

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What makes Grub unique.

Wwft applicatie

The entire legislation and regulations contained in 1 application.

Procedures and Policies.

Client acceptance and monitoring.

All risks transparent.

Snel en volledig Wwft compliant

Always current data.

Grub has a unique collaboration with Company.info, data therefore comes directly and real-time from the Chamber of Commerce.

Entire structure transparent at the touch of a button + access to UBO register.

Actual continuous monitoring (others say it, Grub really does).

Grub alerts for suspicious changes.

Service bij Wwft software

Extra service in addition to application.

Onboarding: always comply with the BFT step-by-step plan.

Grub Academy, e-learning, PE points.

Knowledge partners from politics, legal profession and accountancy.